We strongly believe that technology should be built by the people, for the people.
Best results are achieved when passion and talent are put together.
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Big Data Analysis

We rely on state of the art algorithms to help us bring the most relevant data to our customers.

Tech Innovation

Our daily operational challenges lead to a constant innovation flow that motivates us to reach our maximum potential.

Cloud Solutions

Our orchestration process enables us to successfully operate and deploy smart, stable and scalable applications.

Always on the move?

We now live in exponential times when mobility is a key factor. Memento HUB is bringing bleeding edge technologies to the world!

The Technical Approach

We have been inspired by the modern software development workflows and decided that now is the time to bring our contributions to this fast-evolving environment, proving that Romania is, indeed, Europe’s Silicon Valley. The already validated micro-services architecture has brought the stable support we were looking for our amazing apps that will shape the future.

For us, software development is a fun and engaging activity and we constantly strive to improve our environment. That’s why we are always keeping up with the latest technologies and we’re including them into our workflow when appropriate.

Our Workflow Model


A constant innovation process that enables us to offer the best solutions on the market.


An excellent design makes our apps not only usable but also highly efficient.


A team of highly talented software developers striving to offer state of the art solutions.


All our products go through a thorough testing process before reaching our customers.


Automated solutions and continuous deployment are key factors in our time to market.

Smart Tech Solutions for Fast Changing Markets

Experiencing the unquestionable paradigm shift and the disrupting business models demands excessive attention for sustainable results. In a time of continuously evolving markets and highly demanding customers the technical solutions are key for a future ready environment.

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