About Us

The crib of enthusiastic engineers

A Fresh Tech Start-Up

Memento Hub is a fresh technology Start-up founded and funded by Christian Tour, the largest travel operator in Romania.

Right from the start, Memento Hub aims to build challenging and game changing applications that will bring bleeding edge technologies into our everyday lives, shaping the future of software systems usage.

Our Vision

We feel that technology today reached a point where distributed services allow the development of high impact applications using more granular and independent solutions. Our aim is to build a fully functional and integrated micro-services eco-system that will empower developers to implement their ideas by only delivering the core functionalities of their app.

We have been inspired by the modern software development workflows and decided that now is the time to bring our contributions to this fast-evolving environment, proving that Romania is, indeed, Europe’s Silicon Valley. The already validated micro-services architecture has brought the stable support we were looking for our amazing apps that will shape the future.

Our Skills & Expertise

For us, software development is a fun and engaging activity and we constantly strive to improve our environment. That’s why we are always keeping up with the latest technologies and we’re including them into our workflow when appropriate.

We use Slack for team communication and JIRA for issue tracking and project management. Our code follows good Design Patterns and adheres to the SOLID Principle, with Continuous Integration being a core concept into our git workflow.

Building the Micro-services architecture, we found Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus and Kong to be good alternatives.

Systems Architecture 0
Software Development 0
DevOps 0

Our Team

We are incubating a strong and well-motivated team of highly enthusiastic developers that are devoted to building a better future. Constant learning and engaging with new technologies are a must and these features are better appreciated than mere coding skills. On the other hand, adherence to coding standards and following the best practices are mandatory. Our development flow includes Software Architecture, distinct Back-end and Front-end development, but also high-level QA.

For us, Software Development means SOLID Principles and Design Patterns, Unit Testing and Continuous Integration, valid and up to date documentation. Also, considering the general purpose of many of our modules, we publish and maintain them as open source packages, mixing them in various bundles for our services.

If you are confident that you can fulfill our requirements and that you can bring your contribution to our team and to the open source community we want to meet you and get to know you. The world as we know it today is changing. Are you willing to become a part of this change?

Up to date with the Latest Technologies

With constant focus on performance and usability we strive to keep up with the best available solutions, integrating them to reach the maximum potential.