A strong team leads to outstanding results.

A Professional Approach

We are incubating a strong and well-motivated team of highly enthusiastic developers that are devoted to building a better future. Constant learning and engaging with new technologies are a must and these features are better appreciated than mere coding skills. On the other hand, adherence to coding standards and following the best practices are mandatory. Our development flow includes Software Architecture, distinct Back-end and Front-end development, but also high-level QA.

For us, Software Development means SOLID Principles and Design Patterns, Unit Testing and Continuous Integration, valid and up to date documentation. Also, considering the general purpose of many of our modules, we publish and maintain them as open source packages, mixing them in various bundles for our services.

If you are confident that you can fulfill our requirements and that you can bring your contribution to our team and to the open source community we want to meet you and get to know you. The world as we know it today is changing. Are you willing to become a part of this change?

Our current Openings

PHP Back-end Developer

We are looking for an experienced and well-seasoned PHP developer with a history of building, debugging, testing and implementing various APIs. Good knowledge of Symfony may qualify, but proficiency in Laravel or Lumen frameworks is highly appreciated and considered a plus.
If you like building Composer packages or you have integrated Messaging Queues systems like RabbitMQ, or Beanstalkd, you might be a good fit for our team!

Front-end Developer

Angular and React are good alternatives, but we also keep an eye on the promising and fast evolving VueJS. Also, good knowledge of SCSS and the ability to are desired.
The Front-end developer should be able to build a custom CSS and JS framework, with functional modules, that will become the building blocks of our new apps. Some components might include: responsive menus, parallax, sliders, widgets, reviews, etc.